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Packer Review NSFW 2015 ›


Help FTM Magazine review all of the popular packing options! (This is just packers for now) for their NSFW catalog. The survey is easy, 10 questions on a ranking system. 

Thank you for your help!

3835) I used to get terribly dysphoric about tampons even more than my actual period, but ever since learning they were originally invented to plug bullet wounds they’re all I can stand to use because it makes me feel really badass that I can bleed for a week and not die and have to use a bullet wound plug to keep my clothes clean.

3834) How do people deal with choosing between losing their identity and losing their family? I come from an Asian conservative family who believes in the most ridiculous stuff about homosexuality and transgenderism. I grew up in a household that emphasize respecting elders. Came out and was shoved back into the closet. I’ll never be able to medically transition if I don’t tell my family to fuck off but I can’t bring myself to do that. Can any Asian ftms help me? I don’t know how to deal.

3833) I spent the weekend with my trans boyfriend and his parents. I’ve never heard his birth name/wrong pronouns used so many times before. I don’t know how he handles it. There were so many times I just wanted to say his real name out loud just to remind him that I know exactly who he is on the inside. I’ve always respected him, but this weekend made me see exactly how hard it is. His parents would rather see a miserable daughter than accept a happy son…I just hope he knows I’m here for HIM.

3832) I am sometimes dysphoric about my voice, but that is when I can’t sound like a guy when speaking or singing a tenor voice, but I’m relatively proud to be able to sing Coloratura soprano parts. I sometimes like to think of myself as a treble or a CounterTenor, with an amazing falsetto.

3831) My dad is horrible. He told me today that “I’m not taking you anywhere if you don’t shave your legs. No daughter of mine is going to look like a hairy beast.” He also made fun of my weight today. I’m so done.

3830) I am so uncomfortable having a vagina. But at the same time i would be just as horrified to have a penis. I don’t know what to do, and it feels like there is no answer.

3829) This dude I’ve known for years keeps on misgendering me. The night after the last time he did it, I dreamt that I beat the shit out of him.

3828) I’m a 19 FtM, and i live in Mexico, so it’s hard to be like me in my country, because of the macho expectations of the people here. Sorry if my english is not so good!

3827) I came out to my girlfriend, but i think this is too much for her. Even when she says “it’s ok, babe, i’m with you”. I really love her, but since i’m pre T, she stills considering herself as a lesbian.

3826) I sometimes feel like I don’t fit in with FTM community because i haven’t started taking T yet. I still get misgendered a lot but I am afraid to correct them. I often wonder if I am ever going to have the courage to stand up one day and say that it should be he not she. I am very proud of being trans, I’m just scared that i no longer fit in.

3825) As far away as top surgery seems right now financially, since coming out and starting T, I have never been happier in my entire life.

3824) I love my skirts and lacy tops etc.- after all, I picked them BECAUSE I liked them- but I can’t wear them without 1) being misgendered and 2) looking down and seeing my chest, which makes me sick. I only want to wear stuff like that occasionally, but it upsets me that I don’t have the option.

3823) It was first time I self harmed. I was satisfied because, you know, I hurt the body part I hated since I hit puberty. So I decided to repeat it. Afterwards I did it once or twice again, other things bothering me so I was even more dysphoric.

3822) Today I met a transgirl today during a county fair, she was super nice and when she figured out I was a transguy she surprisingly asked me out. The first thing she said was “I wish we could switch bodies” and that’s when I knew she was my soul-mate.